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My task was to design a new e-mail campaign for the Waylens Horizon camera. The goal was for the company to attract new customers while providing information for existing users on the features of the app and camera. I designed the e-mials in Mailchimp, providing photos, videos, and all social media links.


Role :

E-mail Design


Color Palette

The orange, black, and white color palette was taken from their existing logo. I wanted to the keep the e-mails within the brand's color scheme. 

The Mobile Experience

When designing the e-mail, I created it so that the user would easily see what the e-mail was about, without overloading them with text. I made it into straightforward sections with photos and call to action buttons. This made it simple for the user to find out more information, purchase the product, and visit all social media links.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 2.27.25 PM.png

User Desktop Experience 

I designed the e-mails to include embedded videos, photos and call to action buttons. I wanted to catch the customer's attention as soon as they opened the e-mail.

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